Week 3 drag science journal

Week 3: drag

This week we added paper onto the balloon.  I observed that the paper makes a deflating noise instead of a silent fart noise and goes slower than without paper.  I think it went slower because the paper makes it heavier even though paper doesn't feel heavy it is heavier than air and so needs to use more energy to move.  I wonder if the placing of the paper makes the distance change. My data gatherings are multistructural because some things are true but some maybe are not.  My inferences are multistructural because some are accurate but some are not so accurate.

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
This morning all the classes made slime to pour on Mr Anderson's head at m,m,m in other words Monday morning meet up. Today I have placed myself on unistructural for engaging in science because I observed some things but I'm not sure when or why to use them.  I placed myself on unistructural for gathering data because I only found out a couple of things.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today in the balloon rocket science experiments my observations and inferences were probably multistructural because they were in the right places but maybe not relating to each other. My goal for next time is to connect my ideas to each other, put them in the right places, so that my observations and inferences are accurate and make sense and maybe back my learning up with some evidence to increase the validity which will bump my observations and inferences up to extended abstract.

Responsible citizen reflection

At the start of the term my understanding was unistructural because I didn't know much about being a responsible citizen, I probably only knew one thing.

Now I think my learning is extended abstract because I turn up to radio dj on time which I wasn't doing before and I can remind others to do the same. This term I think I have shown that I am a responsible citizen by picking up rubbish all the time, I'm turning up to my duties on time and putting my hand up to be a wet day monitor for other classes.  My social science project helps others be responsible citizen because it has the effect of following the law that you can not be cruel to animals.   My challenges were getting everything done on time and figuring out how to present my learning because I kept changing how to present all my learning.

Overall I think I have learnt a lot this term probably more than I have any other years. I think that this very valuable learning and I am glad that I have learnt it because I will…

Going hard at tough kids

Going hard at Tough kids

On a wet muddy morning I put on my old clothes. As soon as I arrive at tough kids I eat, bubbling with excitement. The judges tell us the rules but I can't wait to start. I sprint, huff, puff, everything I can think of, just to finish the obstacle course. The dirtier I am the more I like it.  The hardest part is climbing through the thick, oozing mud especially when I fall into it's dark, gooey depths. In conclusion it was a great day.

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizen?✅

Are you a responsible citizen?✅ A responsible citizen cares and has some important qualities to play in making our community safe,strong and clean. One of the qualities of a responsible citizen is that they follow rules and laws.If they didn't follow rules and laws people could easily get hurt orbullied. For example if your teacher said please don't bully you would most likely not listen and would keep bullying people. Since most people do follow rules and laws people don’t get hurt as often as they would if as many people didn’t follow rules and laws as they do now. My parents show that they follow rules and laws by stopping when they are supposed to.

Another quality is caring for nature if people didn't do this we would not have a healthy life or environment which wouldn't be good. Since people do care about nature, rivers aren’t polluted which means we can drink from the tap water without getting sick. Some schools have a thing where there are …

I am limo

I am a limo,
always extending my ideas,
as long as  possible.

I am a skyscraper,
always pushing past the limits,
thinking up, up and away.

I am a pencil,
always keeping my mind
sharp and clean.

I am a cherry,
mostly connected to my family,
occasionally apart.

I am a tortilla,
filled to the brim with bright food,
cheesy carrots.

I am a tie-dye t-shirt,
colourful, bright and messy,
with a little bit of dark purple.

Ko Gabriella ahau.
I am Gabriella.